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Miss Bikini 2015 Kristina Karpechenkova


Introducing, Kristina Karpechenkova, our Miss Bikini 2015 champion! We decided to catch up with her and see where she is now and how her experience in the competition changed her perspectives and her life. Say hello to one of the most energetic, beautiful, and sweet ladies we have come across in our story to success.

1.Tell us about your experience in our competition?
Participating in GDTV Miss Bikini contest first in Los Angeles and then in Guangzhou, China was one of the most exciting things I did last year.

I was put into an environment where a “show” has to be created from the very beginning like planning a program on a half-decorated stage to the final run-through on the night of the performance in a short period of time. That was exciting!

We who participated in the show in Los Angeles didn’t know each other before, so thank you, guys, who are in GDTV team, for making the atmosphere fun and easy-going. I am still in touch with some models and designers that I met there.
I remember being so surprised and so happy when knew I was a winner. It actually took me half a year to spend the check in the sceptre.com store: I had to come back there for another and another TV because they simply would not fit inside the car. Now some of my friends and I have TVs and sound-pals of different size and color from the Sceptre store which we absolutely love, by the way!

2. What was the final competition like in China? What was going through your head?
It was not just a one time event, it was a show that had been running for three months already and had an episode on TV every week. And every week three participants would leave the show and three more new models would join. Bibi (a girl who won the second place in Los Angeles) and I made it right into the finals. We were just lucky, I guess.
All the girls who participated in the final show were living on the same floor in one of the GDTV Company hotels. We would wake each other up in the morning, grab some breakfast and go to a rehearsal. Some of the days we had lots of free time to explore the city, and some of the days we spent just rehearsing.

As for the city Guangzhou, oh, that place made me fall in love with it. I absolutely adored the tropical climate when it rained but was never cold. In that city you are never in charge of your hairstyle because of such humidity in the air.

I’m so glad we came together with Bibi to China.If not for her, I would not be able even to order a simple meal or to get to the closest subway station (my knowledge of the Chinese language is very poor). I will never forget how we shot a commercial on the street with other girls, how we spent hours and hours shopping, how we rode motorbikes and ate grilled seafood in a street restaurant at night. I was also very lucky to watch the performance of one of them most known circuses (ChimeLong International Circus) while being in Guangzhou, because two of the girls from the contest are currently working there as dancers and they took me there. They are Ukrainian, and it is interesting that the majority of the performers in that circus are either from Russia or from Ukraine.

3. What was the biggest impact on you and your life from participating in the contest?
I was fascinated to see how emotionally attached some girls were to the show. They were together for three months and of course it was difficult to say goodbye. But as for me, I never planed to participate in such event or to win though I did take the opportunity with all my respect. It was something life gave me as a present and I decided just to have fun.

Later I noticed how that positive attitude affected my mood and body. And now when I feel that I don’t want to do something I just remind myself why I need to it and turn it into something I actually want to do myself and try to imagine how amazing I will feel myself after this “something” is done.

Sometimes we think if we do not succeed 100% it means we fail, but that is wrong, I think. Every our belief, experience, and realization is worth effort.

Of course sometimes it was hard. Just the name of the contest requires from its participants to look good, to behave good etc. But what is good, what is beauty? Maybe beauty cannot be measured by inches, pounds or a color of hair, maybe beauty can be measured with “watts” of kind and positive power that we spread to the world and in balance with which we can arrange our life.

Those girls who were in the show were not the same height or weight but all of them were so energetic and funny and fun. It is true: the happiest girls are the most wonderful.

4. Where are you now and what are you doing? 
I am still a current student of New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. But right now I am taking a semester-break and am located in New York City. It’s my first time to be in NY. It was a little random decision, but my family supported me. Only here I’ve realized how much we trust each other in my family how much my realities mean to me.

I go to acting auditions and pretend that I don’t care when they say “no”:) I am kidding: I passed that stage of being depressed because of “nothing to do”. I’ve realized that there is always a way to work things out, and you can always work on something of your own (an idea, a project, etc). The main part is “to start”. And then the right people and circumstances will begin to appear. So right now I am working on some projects of one young director and one writer.

Hopefully it will bring good experience.

New York is great. I feel like this city does not have a time zone. Everybody can open their own unique New York no matter what the person loves: art, history, sports, science, etc.

One of my favorite places here is Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on 126 Crosby St. You take a cup of tea or coffee and sit surrounded by hundreds of books in anybody’s taste: you can read, talk, eat. I can’t even imagine how many incredible ideas have been discussed between friends and coworkers in that place.

Another amazing place is High Line. Back in the days there used to be a railroad but later it was turned into an awesome place for tourists and New Yorkers. It is a path that goes along the Hudson River and is full of contemporary art and style. The railroad is still there but just for attraction, now you can even see trees growing through it.

5. If you could spend a year anywhere you’d like, where would it be?
I would love to go to Europe, especially France. They say you can travel by car from one European city to another. There is a cafe on the boarder of Belgium and Netherlands that you can enter from one country and exit to another.

6. Where do you get your beautiful style inspiration? 
I believe that physical and emotional states of body are connected and if something inside changes, it will lead to the changes on the outside as well. I am inspired by my friends, teachers and family.

Life was very kind to me to introduce to such incredible people who are full of energy to grow and become better everyday. I look at my schoolmates from New York Film Academy, see them putting up plays and films and I want to become a better actress and artist so I can participate in these projects. I look at my girlfriends in Los Angeles, Moscow, Vladivostok and see them being interested in fashion, healthy way of life, I see them happy and I want to be happy.
I have friends who fascinate me with their focus of interests, including politics, art, literature and they influence me with that energy. So this is where I get my inspiration: I try to see good things in other people.

Photos from: @krisskina_k

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CNR Host Competition Recap



201519日,《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區總決賽于南海岸購物廣場(South Coast Plaza)舉行。《全球華語網絡主播大賽》已經連續在中國舉辦兩屆,今年第三屆特設美國賽區,由中國中央人民廣播電台和WCETV美國銀視網聯合主辦,美國賽區總決賽于南海岸購物廣場(South Coast Plaza)冠名贊助。南海岸購物廣場國內與國際市場高級總監Werner Escher,銀視網總裁Billy Chung等出席了本次大賽。

The “Global Chinese Network Host Contest” U.S. Regional Final is held on January 9, 2016 at South Coast Plaza in Orange County.  The contest has been held in China for 2013 and 2014. This year, the U.S. region of “Global Chinese Network Host Contest” is jointly organized by China National Radio and WCETV. South Coast Plaza is our title sponsor. Harvard Card Systems, Diamond Honda, Linda vision and Pacific Palms Resort are also our event sponsors.


參加本次美國賽區大賽,無年齡、性別、國籍、地域、膚色的限制,只要有華語聲音的達人均可參加。總決賽共分為三輪比賽,分別是自我介紹,自創節目和命題演講,15位來自全美各地的選手在全球華語網絡主播的賽場上展示了創意、才華和精湛的口才。       選手金芝仁以他精湛的口才和出色的才藝展示,獲得了全場的讚譽并贏得了本次比賽的冠軍與南海岸廣場提供的伍佰元現金禮劵。還將有機會簽約中國中央人民廣播電台,成為旗下簽約主播的工作機會。

There are no age, gender, nationality, region, or ethnicity restrictions to participate in this contest, as long as who has a good Chinese voice. The contest is structured in a talk show style format in Mandarin Chinese. Talent is not limited to those from traditional talk host backgrounds. Our 15 finalist shows their speaking and presentation skills, creativity, and a great attitude on the stage. Contestant Golden Lin who has a talented voice and strong potential to be a future host wins the praise of the judges, as the champion of the competition with $500 gift certificate provided by South Coast Plaza. In addition to big prizes, the winner also gets a chance of contract with China National Radio and became a host in its programs.

《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區決賽在萬眾矚目的南海岸購物廣場舉辦。南海岸廣場(South Coast Plaza)位於橙縣,它不僅是一個高尚品牌的購物中心,還是著名的表演藝術廣場,每年除了吸引著數以千萬的遊客,還同時舉辦如模特大賽,高級服裝展示,攝影展覽等多種文藝,文化交流活動。今年南海岸購物廣場為為《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區搭建了一個讓聲音達人展示自我的舞臺。

South Coast Plaza is not only a noble brand of shopping mall, but is also a famous performing arts plaza. In addition to attracting millions of visitors, they hold an annual model contest, fashion show, a variety of art and photography exhibitions and other cultural activities.



亞軍:Carter Ware





最受歡迎選手獎:Isabel Larson

Award List:

Champion: Golden Lin

1st Runner-up: Carter Ware

2nd Runner-up: Selena Du

Special Award: Ming Qiu

Best Vocal Award: Golden Lin

Most Creative Award: Nina Zuo

Most Popular Contestant: Isabel Larson

Contestant Isabel Larson Carter Ware Contestant Nina Zuo Golden Lin

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CNR Host Competition


Global Chinese Network Host Competition American Region


Download the Application: Host Competition Application 

or Fill in the Quick Google Form: Host Competition Application Form



Global Chinese Network Host Competition American Region is organized by China National Radio and WCETV. It aims at discovering talented people with innovative ideas, great attitude and unique characteristics, as well as building a stage to show their voices and achieve their dreams.





Registration Starts from October 29th, 2015; ends at December 31th, 2015

First Round Competition: from November 2015 to December 2015

Final Competition: January 9th, 2016


初賽 201511-201512月底

決賽 201619




Contestants, who speak Chinese Mandarin, have a nice voice and are willing to participate



How to attend the competition?


1. Visit the official website www.rc-media.com, download the application form or fill in the google application and email back to contest@mail.wcetv.com, with 60s to 5mins audio or video clip MUST in Chinese Mandarin with application form. Registration deadline is December 31st, 2015.

2. The audio or video clip can be like a talk show, voice imitation, readings and others type that focuses on vocal performance.









The final competition will give top 3 awards and individual awards for: “Best Network Host Award”; “Most Creative Award” and “Special Prize”. American region’s champion will have the opportunity to attend the final competition in China. 

Finalists who attend the final competition in China will receive:

1. Certificate

2. The audition opportunities to perform in TV drama or films

3. Top 15 finalists’ contestants may get opportunities of work contracts from CNR’s operators








1. All contestants must warrant that their entries are entirely their own work or are the co-author of the work. The participant is recognized with fully copyright of his/hers entry. The competition organizing committee does not take all kinds of legal problems due to copyright infringement. The organizing committee is not liable for legal disputes including portrait, reputation, privacy, copyright, trademark and others. The committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestant and recover the given awards and gifts, if there are legal disputes regarding the copyright infringement. 

2. The organizers and its partner have the right to display contestants’ entries on their website, mobile or tablet app, radio and television channels.

3. The organizers of the Global Chinese Network Host Competition reserve the right of the final interpretation.   

1、全球华语网络主播大赛参赛作品必须由参赛者本人参与创作 (合作作者可联名参加),选手应确认拥有其作品的完全著作权,本大赛组委会不承担因版权问题而产生的各类法律责任,组委会不承担包括(不限于)肖像权、名誉权、隐私权、著作权、商标权等纠纷而产生的法律责任,其法律责任由参赛者本人承担。如参赛作品版权存在纠纷或争议,组委会保留取消其参赛资格及追回奖项奖品的权利。




King of Mic 2015 Recap

On August 15, 2015 at the R & C Studios, the WCETV – R & C Media Group, Inc. hosted the King of Mic 2015 singing competition where dozens of contestants gathered to win a chance to go to Guangzhou, China to participate in the GDTV’s King of Mic International Championship.

King of Mic is a singing competition that revives the Cantonese Pop music culture. Thousands of applicants work their way to become the next King of Mic and only 1 from each division will get the chance to be part of the King of Mic Finals.

This time around, we created an international language portion where people who speak different languages ​​could participate to win $ 300, $ 500, and $ 1,000 gift certificates provided by Dootbay.com, our title sponsor.

At the end of the night, the winners came down to the following amazing voices:

Cantonese Division: 

Champion: Lin Zhigao

Runner-up: Kenson Situ

2nd Runner-up: Wen Yali

International Language Division:

Champion: Susi

Runner-up: Vivian Wong

2nd Runner-up: Marian Chung

Other Awards:

Special Prize Award: Todd Lien, Eric Hao

Best Costume Award: Pan Yonghong

Best Stage Performance: Qiu Guobin

Most Spirited Fans Award: Irina Chou

We want to thank you so much for all our participants, judges, and viewers! And a special congratulations to the contestants for all their hard work.


由廣東電視臺珠江頻道主辦的 2015《嘜王爭霸》全球歌唱大匯今夏火熱開戰。今年《唛王争霸》美西赛区由廣東國際美洲臺 Ch31.4 攜手 WCETV 銀視網主辦,於 8 月 15 日在 R&C Studios 圓滿落下帷幕。



經過兩輪比賽的熱烈角逐,來自洛杉磯的林志高選手以活力四射、怡然自得的舞臺表演征服了評委,奪得美西賽區粵語組冠軍寶座,獲得了前往廣州參加 50 強集結賽的通行證,除了要與廣東總賽區 50 強選手一決高下,還將和粵港地區知名歌手和其他選秀節目的明星選手同台競技。二、三名分別由司徒錦聰以及溫雅麗獲得。國際組的 Susi 以過人的唱功贏得了評委的一致認可,摘取嘜王國際組冠軍的封號。


《嘜王爭霸》大賽現在已在 Ch31.4 廣東國際美洲台開播,今年的嘜王試聽盛宴全新升級,賽事更加激烈。








亞軍:Vivian Wong



評委特別獎:連廷瑜,Eric Hao




_C4A7838 _C4A7839 _C4A7855 _C4A7875 _C4A7885 _C4A7894 _C4A7899 _C4A7909 _C4A7917 _C4A7922 _C4A7926 _C4A7937 _C4A7948 _C4A7953 _C4A7959 _C4A7964 _C4A7971 _C4A7976 _C4A7979 _C4A8004 _C4A8012 _C4A8022 _C4A8027 _C4A8033 _C4A8038 _C4A8047 _C4A8051 _C4A8067 _C4A8069 _C4A8078 _C4A8089 _C4A8114 _C4A8117 _C4A8125 _C4A8128 _C4A8137 _C4A8248 _O0A6612 _O0A6618 _O0A6631 _O0A6642 _O0A6668 _O0A6676 _O0A6680 _O0A6693 _O0A6707 _O0A6710



King of Mic 2015

WCETV and R&C Media Group, Inc. is teaming up with GDTV (Guang Dong Television) once again to host the King of Mic singing competition for this year! King of Mic is a entertainment program that revives Cantonese pop music culture.

This time around, we are inviting people of all ages and nationalities, who can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, or English. The competition will be divided into two divisions: English speaking and Cantonese speaking groups. The Cantonese speaking group has an opportunity to win a trip to Guangzhou to participate in GDTV’s King of Mic World Championship Finals. The English speaking group can win a $1,000 gift certificate for Sceptre electronic products.





美西賽區決賽定於2015年8月15日在R&C Studio舉行。報名表格請至http://rc-media.com 下載,或致電626-912-3388索取。有你撐場,粵唱越響。2015全球粵語歌唱大匯等你來參加!

To enter into this contest, you must fill out the application form and send us a sample audition tape of you singing an English or Mandarin/Cantonese song. There will also be $20 application fee. Click the following for the King of Mic 2015 Rules and Application Form. Once filled out, please e-mail to contest@mail.wcetv.com or fax to (626)912-5604: 2015 KOM Rules(eng) &  2015 KOM Application form.

Application & Audition Tape Due Date: August 09, 2015. Please e-mail both application and audition tape to contest@mail.wcetv.com.

The competition date will be August 15, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. located at R&C Studios in City of Industry, California.

For sponsoring opportunities, tickets, applications, and for more information, please contact us at contest@mail.wcetv.com.

Don’t forget to join our event page: King of Mic Facebook Event.

11698854_1580384515558725_8635930264683757425_o KOM-2015