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Miss Bikini 2015 Kristina Karpechenkova


Introducing, Kristina Karpechenkova, our Miss Bikini 2015 champion! We decided to catch up with her and see where she is now and how her experience in the competition changed her perspectives and her life. Say hello to one of the most energetic, beautiful, and sweet ladies we have come across in our story to success.

1.Tell us about your experience in our competition?
Participating in GDTV Miss Bikini contest first in Los Angeles and then in Guangzhou, China was one of the most exciting things I did last year.

I was put into an environment where a “show” has to be created from the very beginning like planning a program on a half-decorated stage to the final run-through on the night of the performance in a short period of time. That was exciting!

We who participated in the show in Los Angeles didn’t know each other before, so thank you, guys, who are in GDTV team, for making the atmosphere fun and easy-going. I am still in touch with some models and designers that I met there.
I remember being so surprised and so happy when knew I was a winner. It actually took me half a year to spend the check in the sceptre.com store: I had to come back there for another and another TV because they simply would not fit inside the car. Now some of my friends and I have TVs and sound-pals of different size and color from the Sceptre store which we absolutely love, by the way!

2. What was the final competition like in China? What was going through your head?
It was not just a one time event, it was a show that had been running for three months already and had an episode on TV every week. And every week three participants would leave the show and three more new models would join. Bibi (a girl who won the second place in Los Angeles) and I made it right into the finals. We were just lucky, I guess.
All the girls who participated in the final show were living on the same floor in one of the GDTV Company hotels. We would wake each other up in the morning, grab some breakfast and go to a rehearsal. Some of the days we had lots of free time to explore the city, and some of the days we spent just rehearsing.

As for the city Guangzhou, oh, that place made me fall in love with it. I absolutely adored the tropical climate when it rained but was never cold. In that city you are never in charge of your hairstyle because of such humidity in the air.

I’m so glad we came together with Bibi to China.If not for her, I would not be able even to order a simple meal or to get to the closest subway station (my knowledge of the Chinese language is very poor). I will never forget how we shot a commercial on the street with other girls, how we spent hours and hours shopping, how we rode motorbikes and ate grilled seafood in a street restaurant at night. I was also very lucky to watch the performance of one of them most known circuses (ChimeLong International Circus) while being in Guangzhou, because two of the girls from the contest are currently working there as dancers and they took me there. They are Ukrainian, and it is interesting that the majority of the performers in that circus are either from Russia or from Ukraine.

3. What was the biggest impact on you and your life from participating in the contest?
I was fascinated to see how emotionally attached some girls were to the show. They were together for three months and of course it was difficult to say goodbye. But as for me, I never planed to participate in such event or to win though I did take the opportunity with all my respect. It was something life gave me as a present and I decided just to have fun.

Later I noticed how that positive attitude affected my mood and body. And now when I feel that I don’t want to do something I just remind myself why I need to it and turn it into something I actually want to do myself and try to imagine how amazing I will feel myself after this “something” is done.

Sometimes we think if we do not succeed 100% it means we fail, but that is wrong, I think. Every our belief, experience, and realization is worth effort.

Of course sometimes it was hard. Just the name of the contest requires from its participants to look good, to behave good etc. But what is good, what is beauty? Maybe beauty cannot be measured by inches, pounds or a color of hair, maybe beauty can be measured with “watts” of kind and positive power that we spread to the world and in balance with which we can arrange our life.

Those girls who were in the show were not the same height or weight but all of them were so energetic and funny and fun. It is true: the happiest girls are the most wonderful.

4. Where are you now and what are you doing? 
I am still a current student of New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. But right now I am taking a semester-break and am located in New York City. It’s my first time to be in NY. It was a little random decision, but my family supported me. Only here I’ve realized how much we trust each other in my family how much my realities mean to me.

I go to acting auditions and pretend that I don’t care when they say “no”:) I am kidding: I passed that stage of being depressed because of “nothing to do”. I’ve realized that there is always a way to work things out, and you can always work on something of your own (an idea, a project, etc). The main part is “to start”. And then the right people and circumstances will begin to appear. So right now I am working on some projects of one young director and one writer.

Hopefully it will bring good experience.

New York is great. I feel like this city does not have a time zone. Everybody can open their own unique New York no matter what the person loves: art, history, sports, science, etc.

One of my favorite places here is Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on 126 Crosby St. You take a cup of tea or coffee and sit surrounded by hundreds of books in anybody’s taste: you can read, talk, eat. I can’t even imagine how many incredible ideas have been discussed between friends and coworkers in that place.

Another amazing place is High Line. Back in the days there used to be a railroad but later it was turned into an awesome place for tourists and New Yorkers. It is a path that goes along the Hudson River and is full of contemporary art and style. The railroad is still there but just for attraction, now you can even see trees growing through it.

5. If you could spend a year anywhere you’d like, where would it be?
I would love to go to Europe, especially France. They say you can travel by car from one European city to another. There is a cafe on the boarder of Belgium and Netherlands that you can enter from one country and exit to another.

6. Where do you get your beautiful style inspiration? 
I believe that physical and emotional states of body are connected and if something inside changes, it will lead to the changes on the outside as well. I am inspired by my friends, teachers and family.

Life was very kind to me to introduce to such incredible people who are full of energy to grow and become better everyday. I look at my schoolmates from New York Film Academy, see them putting up plays and films and I want to become a better actress and artist so I can participate in these projects. I look at my girlfriends in Los Angeles, Moscow, Vladivostok and see them being interested in fashion, healthy way of life, I see them happy and I want to be happy.
I have friends who fascinate me with their focus of interests, including politics, art, literature and they influence me with that energy. So this is where I get my inspiration: I try to see good things in other people.

Photos from: @krisskina_k

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Sceptre’s Miss Bikini Pageant Finals 2015

On June 27, 2015 R&C Studios and WCETV partnered with GDTV to host the Miss Bikini Pageant 2015. Women of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds entered the U.S.A division to win a round trip ticket to Guangzhou to praticipate in the GDTV World Championship Final. On top of that, the U.S.A division winner received a $5,000 gift certificate for Sceptre Products. The runner up received a $2,000 gift certificate and the second runner up received a $1,000 gift certificate.

The contestants participated in three exciting rounds: Talent, Sportswear, and Bikini. In these rounds, the women had a chance to win Miss Bikini U.S.A, Miss Bikini 2nd Place, and Miss Bikini 3rd Place.

By the end of the contest three women had risen to the top with scores that were just points away from one another. In the end, the title of Miss Bikini U.S.A 2015 belongs now to Miss Kristina Karpechenkova. Second place belonging to Miss Bibi Chen and third place belonging to Michelle Wang.

由廣東廣播電視台攜手廣東國際美洲台 Ch31.4 及 WCETV 銀視網,主辦的 2015 第八 屆萬人比基尼大賽——賽普特美洲賽區于 6 月 27 日在朗思演播廳完美落下帷幕。來自不 同國家,不同文化背景的佳麗在這個舞臺上盡情的展現自我,為到場的觀眾帶來了一場熱 烈美麗的比基尼盛宴。

美洲賽區決賽共設三個環節:運動裝秀,才藝表演及比基尼展示。經過三個回合激 烈的角逐,評選出了前三甲比基尼皇后,以及最上鏡小姐,最佳比基尼小姐,最佳才藝 獎,最佳運動服裝展示等多個獎項。決賽前一天還在李興華翡翠金城由到場觀眾投票選出 最受歡迎小姐。美洲賽區冠軍獲得了由賽普特精品電視送出的現金禮券$5000 美元,亞軍 現金禮券$2000 美元,季軍現金禮券$1000 美元等豐厚大獎。。

“萬人比基尼”活動在中國廣東已經舉辦過七屆,每次“大趴體”都會成為一段時間 的社會熱點話題。活動吸引數千名青春靚麗的比基尼女孩報名參加,在廣東地區著名的 “全球必去水上樂園”盡情綻放她們的美麗。參加如此受關注的活動,也成為這些參賽者 美好的回憶。今年這一火辣盛世也在洛杉磯由廣東國際美洲台與 WCETV 銀視網聯合主辦 并圓滿落下帷幕。 WCETV 銀視網擁有強勁的製作團隊,開辦以來,始終以創新的服務理 念、優秀的製作水準、豐富的舉辦活動經驗、及時的信息反饋得到業內外的廣泛好評。

View the full page cover story on the event in: IEntertainment Magazine


Sceptre’s GDTV Miss Bikini Pageant Press Conference 2015

Sceptre 2015 Bikini Contest is being organized by GDTV, Channel 31.4, and WCETV. Although this is the 8th consecutive Miss Bikini competition in the Guangzhou region, 2015 is the very first year they are bringing it to the United States. In this competition, participants will compete against each other in order to win a free round-trip to Guangzhou, China to participate in the final competition.

On 05/21/15. WCETV & R&C Studios hosted the Sceptre 2015 Miss Bikini Contest Press Conference where we were able to thank our co-organizers, sponsors, and media partners for their help in making the Sceptre 2015 Miss Bikini Contest a very memorable event.


“萬人比基尼”活動已經舉辦過七屆,每次“大趴體”都會成為一段時間的社會熱點話題。活動吸引數千名青春靚麗的比基尼女孩報名參加,在廣東地區著名的“全球必去水上樂園”盡情綻放她們的美麗。參加如此受關注的活動,也成為這些參賽者美好的回憶。今年這一火辣盛世也在美洲賽區拉開帷幕,由廣東國際美洲台與WCETV銀視網聯合主辦。 WCETV銀視網擁有強勁的製作團隊,開辦以來,始終以創新的服務理念、優秀的製作水準、豐富的舉辦活動經驗、及時的信息反饋得到業內外的廣泛好評。



Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_08 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_07 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_06 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_05 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_03 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_04 Sceptre_2015_GDTV_Miss_Bikini_Press_Release_02