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CNR Host Runner-Up Carter Ware

This past CNR Host Competition, we were given an opportunity to meet people of all ages, all ethnicities, and from all over the country. Of these participants, we met Carter Ware, our youngest competitor and one of the most talented, earning himself the Runner-Up of the CNR Host Competition 2016.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I just turned 11 years old and I am in 5th grade at the International School of Denver.  I have been studying Mandarin for 7 years and I just got back from a two-week school trip to China where I got to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and our sister school in Chongqing.  I like to ski and hike in the mountains of Colorado, play and watch ice hockey and American football, listen to pop music, practice ping-pong and hang out with my friends.
2. Why did you decide to participate in the CNR Host Competition?
My teacher suggested that I enter the CNR Host Competition because I have good fluency and pronunciation in Mandarin.  I have won our school’s speech every year for the past 5 years and I enjoy speaking in front of a crowd.  I really love speaking Mandarin!
3. How did the competition grow your interests?
I learned about lots of different jobs I could do with my Mandarin skills.  Maybe I could be on the radio or a TV presenter?  Now that I know my skills are as good as almost anyone’s, I think I could do it!
4. What are ways that you can use this experience for your future?
This experience helped me gain confidence about speaking in front of a large group of people and with lots of distractions around.  I was able to focus on my speech and speak clearly even though there were lots of people whispering in the crowd and even a carousel in front of me!
5. Would you do this competition or something like it again?
Yes, absolutely! I had a great time and I would love to show the world my Mandarin skills!
6. What do you like about the entertainment industry?
I love listening to pop music and the weekly countdown of the hits on the radio.  I like TV a little better than radio and game shows, cooking shows and comedies are my favorites!  My all-time favorite game show is Chinese Character Hero and maybe one day I can compete on it.  I would have to study really hard to win especially in the second round where I would go against a native Chinese speaker!
7. What are people in your classes thinking about your participation in this event?
They all congratulated me and were a little jealous of my prizes.  Some of my friends weren’t surprised because they know I study hard and I love to speak Mandarin.
8. What makes you interested in the Chinese culture? And how is it different from the American culture?
I like to learn and memorize things and there are thousands of Chinese characters to learn and only 26 letters in the English alphabet.  I think it is exciting because there is always something new for me to learn.  I like that China has very long history to learn about and American history is much shorter. 
I think China is different than America because everyone in China looks similar and in America there are lots of different kinds of people everywhere.  When I was in China, someone even tried to see if my hair was a wig because he had never seen red hair before!  Crazy!
Carter Ware

CNR Host Competition


Global Chinese Network Host Competition American Region


Download the Application: Host Competition Application 

or Fill in the Quick Google Form: Host Competition Application Form



Global Chinese Network Host Competition American Region is organized by China National Radio and WCETV. It aims at discovering talented people with innovative ideas, great attitude and unique characteristics, as well as building a stage to show their voices and achieve their dreams.





Registration Starts from October 29th, 2015; ends at December 31th, 2015

First Round Competition: from November 2015 to December 2015

Final Competition: January 9th, 2016


初賽 201511-201512月底

決賽 201619




Contestants, who speak Chinese Mandarin, have a nice voice and are willing to participate



How to attend the competition?


1. Visit the official website www.rc-media.com, download the application form or fill in the google application and email back to contest@mail.wcetv.com, with 60s to 5mins audio or video clip MUST in Chinese Mandarin with application form. Registration deadline is December 31st, 2015.

2. The audio or video clip can be like a talk show, voice imitation, readings and others type that focuses on vocal performance.









The final competition will give top 3 awards and individual awards for: “Best Network Host Award”; “Most Creative Award” and “Special Prize”. American region’s champion will have the opportunity to attend the final competition in China. 

Finalists who attend the final competition in China will receive:

1. Certificate

2. The audition opportunities to perform in TV drama or films

3. Top 15 finalists’ contestants may get opportunities of work contracts from CNR’s operators








1. All contestants must warrant that their entries are entirely their own work or are the co-author of the work. The participant is recognized with fully copyright of his/hers entry. The competition organizing committee does not take all kinds of legal problems due to copyright infringement. The organizing committee is not liable for legal disputes including portrait, reputation, privacy, copyright, trademark and others. The committee reserves the right to disqualify the contestant and recover the given awards and gifts, if there are legal disputes regarding the copyright infringement. 

2. The organizers and its partner have the right to display contestants’ entries on their website, mobile or tablet app, radio and television channels.

3. The organizers of the Global Chinese Network Host Competition reserve the right of the final interpretation.   

1、全球华语网络主播大赛参赛作品必须由参赛者本人参与创作 (合作作者可联名参加),选手应确认拥有其作品的完全著作权,本大赛组委会不承担因版权问题而产生的各类法律责任,组委会不承担包括(不限于)肖像权、名誉权、隐私权、著作权、商标权等纠纷而产生的法律责任,其法律责任由参赛者本人承担。如参赛作品版权存在纠纷或争议,组委会保留取消其参赛资格及追回奖项奖品的权利。