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Pechanga Asian Media Night – Grand Opening of $300 Million Dollar Expansion

On March 8, 2018, WCETV – R&C Media Group, Inc. spent the afternoon with Pechanga for their Asian Media Night. An incredible experience, in the Four Diamond service hotel, seeing their $300 million expansion come to life. We are even more excited about the number of rooms totaling to a grand 1,090 with 55″ and 65″ television screens, high speed internet, spacious bathrooms, and native decor.

On top of that, there are hair and nail treatments, gyms, a green roof, and gorgeous pool complex. Book fast during concerts and events and don’t hesitate to grab reservations for the spa.

Pechanga has proven to be a top runner in the Asian population with Asian celebrity performances and events, an Asian friendly destination. The welcome team for every group of ethnicities continues to grow and is above and beyond – personable and professional.

When you ask Pechanga’s Development Corporation President, Edith Atwood, what they are most excited about, it is the opportunities it gives the community to preserve culture for future generations, education, employment, and healthcare for the people of the tribe.

It was a pleasure seeing the communities coming together to build and preserve. Here are the highlights from the fantastic event.

Asian Media Day Welcome Letter_CHNAsian Media Day Welcome Letter_ENG and Asian Media Day PR_CHN, Asian Media Day PR_ENG

Pechanga Summit Room

General Manager Lee Torres

Pechanga Development Corporate President, Edith Atwood

Pechanga’s Management Team with the New Logo

Unveiling of the New Logo

Vietnamese and Filipino Emcees

Pechanga Management with Chinese Emcee

GDTV’s King of Mic 2013

Guangdong TV Pearl River Channel and music radio channel hosted King of Mic(KOM) for 2013, which is the third time of this event. R&C Media Group and WCETV as the event organizer of the west America region, held the final run contest of west America region successfully on Sep.22nd in R&C Studios.

No.10 contestant King Wai Woo moved the judges and won the Champion. King Wai received the ticket flight to Guangzhou for the Final competition of KOM, he will compete with other winners from other KOM region.

Champion: King Wai Woo
Runner-up: Janet Li
Second Runner-up: Lei Wang
Best Stage Appeal Award: Mimi Tian
Best Costume Award: Janet Li
Best cheerleading Award: Blythe Schulte
Special Award: Eric Hao

由廣東電視臺珠江頻道與廣東電臺音樂之聲聯合主辦的2013《嘜王爭霸》全球粵語歌唱大匯火熱開戰,由廣東國際美洲臺Ch31.4攜手WCETV銀視網主辦,賽西里歐優質樂器冠名的美西賽區決賽於9月22日在R&C Studios圓滿落下帷幕。


比賽最後,來自洛杉磯的10號選手胡景威以活力四射、怡然自得的舞臺表演征服了評委,奪得美西賽區冠軍寶座,獲得了前往廣州參加50強集結賽的通行證。二、三名分別由Janet Li以及王磊獲得。


冠軍:胡景威 King Wai Woo
亞軍:Janet Li
季軍:王磊 Lei Wang
最佳台風獎 :田咪Mimi
最佳造型獎 :Janet Li
最佳啦啦隊親友團獎:黃淑仁 Blythe Schulte
特別獎:Eric Hao