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Pechanga Asian Media Night – Grand Opening of $300 Million Dollar Expansion

On March 8, 2018, WCETV – R&C Media Group, Inc. spent the afternoon with Pechanga for their Asian Media Night. An incredible experience, in the Four Diamond service hotel, seeing their $300 million expansion come to life. We are even more excited about the number of rooms totaling to a grand 1,090 with 55″ and 65″ television screens, high speed internet, spacious bathrooms, and native decor.

On top of that, there are hair and nail treatments, gyms, a green roof, and gorgeous pool complex. Book fast during concerts and events and don’t hesitate to grab reservations for the spa.

Pechanga has proven to be a top runner in the Asian population with Asian celebrity performances and events, an Asian friendly destination. The welcome team for every group of ethnicities continues to grow and is above and beyond – personable and professional.

When you ask Pechanga’s Development Corporation President, Edith Atwood, what they are most excited about, it is the opportunities it gives the community to preserve culture for future generations, education, employment, and healthcare for the people of the tribe.

It was a pleasure seeing the communities coming together to build and preserve. Here are the highlights from the fantastic event.

Asian Media Day Welcome Letter_CHNAsian Media Day Welcome Letter_ENG and Asian Media Day PR_CHN, Asian Media Day PR_ENG

Pechanga Summit Room

General Manager Lee Torres

Pechanga Development Corporate President, Edith Atwood

Pechanga’s Management Team with the New Logo

Unveiling of the New Logo

Vietnamese and Filipino Emcees

Pechanga Management with Chinese Emcee

WCETV 20th Anniversary



WCETV 20th Anniversary


On August 20th, 2016, we celebrated WCETV’s 20th Anniversary with R&C Media Group, Inc. It has been twenty years of continuous love and support from our employees, past and present, from our media partners, and especially from our viewers. We were blessed to have this celebration with people of our past, present, and future.

         2016年8月20日,WCETV銀視網二十周年活动在R&C Media Group, Inc.美國朗思傳媒集團位於洛杉磯的演播廳里隆重舉行。眾多政要、僑領、廠商客戶、觀眾等嘉賓蒞臨表達祝賀之意。

For the 20th anniversary dinner, director and CEO of WCETV Billy Chung spoke on behalf of the entire team to share his appreciation for the hard work from coworkers and supporters. We’ve had the representatives of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, Senator Bob Huff, Taipei Office of Culture project leader, and Sophie Wong to share in the celebration of WCETV’s 20th anniversary. Bob Huff shared the impact that WCETV has on the community.

        銀視網二十周年活動晚宴上,銀視網總裁Billy Chung代表公司發言,向各界朋友和忠實觀眾二十年來的支持表達感謝之情。中國駐洛杉磯總領事館新聞組組長于丹,美國加州參議員Bob Huff,洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處新聞組組長楊國添,圣蓋博市市長廖欽和,Sophie Wong博士等嘉賓發言,祝賀銀視網成立二十周年。Bob Huff向Billy Chung頒發了感謝狀,以感謝二十年來銀視網為洛杉磯華人社區帶來的源源不絕的精彩節目,豐富了洛杉磯華人的娛樂生活。         

WCETV02 (1)






In addition, the speakers referenced to WCETV’s past. Beginning first in 1996, we saw WCETV pushing the boundaries with digital television. Today, WCETV has again moved forward with new technologies such as Chromecast. 


These past years have been a generous support from the people of United States, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. These key people, whether viewers or partners, have been essential to our success. We cannot express how thankful we are to be here today and with the help of people with as much love and success.


         2016年是銀視網成立20週年之際,也是WCETV母公司朗思傳媒集團成立27週年的日子,集團與眾多權威媒體和國內外知名的企業集團有著長期和緊密的合作關係,包括微軟Microsoft、 Bloomberg、MSNBC TV、中央電視台、中國電影集團、中央人民廣播電台、中國國際廣播電台、廣東廣播電視台、遼寧電視台、黑龍江電視台、雲南電視台等幾十家具有影響力的企業和媒體。

Performing for our WCETV 20th anniversary, we had performers I AM JAZ GRAHAM and Cindy Lau to sing with great power. Jaz Graham sang with ferocity, strength, and passion. And Cindy Lau gave us a performance to remember with elegance.

          晚宴活動在表演者Jaz Graham的勁歌熱舞中拉開序幕,《嘜王爭霸》美西賽區冠軍選手林志高,好萊塢演員Cindy Lau為晚會獻唱贏得了現場嘉賓的一致讚賞,其他表演嘉賓帶來的旗袍秀,黑色誘惑禮服秀,西班牙舞等一個個精彩紛呈的節目,將活動氣氛推向了高潮。




        登錄www.wcetv.com, 收看银视网带来的及時、精彩、免費的缤纷节目。關注更多銀視網舉辦的活動,登錄http://rc-media.com 瞭解詳情。

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WCETV.ANNIVERSARY.8.20.16 by Senator Bob Huff.

WCETV 20th Anniversary

WCETV 20th Anniversary

WCETV 20th Anniversary