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New App Bobsleigh Immerses Thrill Seekers In Fastest Sport On Ice

New App Bobsleigh 360 Immerses Thrill Seekers In Fastest Sport On Ice
Port Orange, Florida, February 20, 2018 ― Winter sports fans who crave the speed and intensity of the bobsleigh can now experience the thrills from the pilot’s seat with the Bobsleigh 360 app for Android and iOS. 

Users can experience the precision of the team’s climb into the sleigh, the struggle of the push-off, and mind-bending speeds approaching 90 mph as the bobsleigh races down an Olympic bobsleigh track, banking through 15 to 20 heart-stopping turns. 

Bobsleigh 360 app features:

•    360-degree video of actual bobsleigh runs
•    User-controlled viewpoint during the run
•    Support for 2D and VR viewing
•    New runs and tracks added as they are available

Bobsleigh 360 is based on a first-of-its-kind VR training tool developed by Raydon Corporation, a military simulation training company, in Port Orange, Florida. Raydon created the training tool to improve the safety and performance of bobsleigh teams. Bobsleigh 360 gives coaches a 360-degree view of a pilot’s high-speed run, where every millisecond counts. It can be viewed on a tablet or on a VR headset for a fully immersive experience. The Latvian bobsleigh team, silver medal winners at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, has incorporated the tool into their training regimen in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Raydon has donated the training tool to Latvia and other countries.
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WCETVeShop signs with CICHOO

On February 8th, 2018, we had the representatives from CICHOO beauty come to tell us a little bit more about the brand and products. CICHOO beauty is an innovator in the Chinese beauty community with automated beauty salons.

By customizing your experience with AI’s that recognize who you are immediately and your beauty needs, it offers you the best customer service. With the only salon located in Mainland China, they wanted to provide the same service at home. The products are ones that uses all organic ingredients infused with florals. This concentrated product is perfect for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling renewed.

Their campaign is called “I love you.” Each word catering to different consumers of different ages. WCETVeShop signed an agreement to be the exclusive seller in the United States. More on the campaign to come!

We are so excited to be a part of this new campaign that focuses on taking care of your skin. In the midst of your busy schedule, don’t lose sight of caring for your body. Whether that means mindfulness or physical health, we encourage you to take some time to rest and recover!


CICHOO WCETVeShop Chinese Beauty Asian Beauty Products Top asian beauty products face masks chinese masks

R&C Media Group, Inc. and CICHOO representatives


CICHOO WCETVeShop Chinese Beauty Asian Beauty Products Top asian beauty products face masks chinese masks

CICHOO representative gives us the low down on the goals for the company and brand.


CICHOO WCETVeShop Chinese Beauty Asian Beauty Products Top asian beauty products face masks chinese masks

Sneak peek at our exclusive line for WCETVeShop


CICHOO WCETVeShop Chinese Beauty Asian Beauty Products Top asian beauty products face masks chinese masks

Signing of the agreement for exclusive seller in the United States of America.


CICHOO WCETVeShop Chinese Beauty Asian Beauty Products Top asian beauty products face masks chinese masks

Final signatures with WCETVeShop and CICHOO representatives.


WCETVeShop is an online Asian beauty and home shop. Find everything you would possibly need to transform your house to a home. Gather quality products with the help of quality products. Find out more about WCETVeShop on their blog. The campaign will be on release in March. Stay tuned for when it comes out!

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Miss Princess Fortier

Last month, we had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, young artist with talents beyond our wildest dreams. A Princess Fortier, otherwise known as Miss Princess. She has a voice to die for, a face you can’t help but document, and a down-to-earth personality you can’t fake. Here’s her story:
Miss Princess Fortier - R&C Media Group, Inc. - Media Group
Photography by MRRZ Photos
“I started getting migraines at a young age. My neurologist couldn’t identify why and couldn’t prescribe anything to make them go away. When I was 18 I went to UCLA to study neuroscience so that I could get an understanding of the brain, and potentially find a cure for my migraines. My third year in school I experienced a migraine in the middle of an organic chemistry lab. I had previously scheduled a rehearsal with a local band I was in and wanted to keep my commitment.
I asked my lab partner to drive my car to my rehearsal , as I was suffering from the aura stage of the migraine which prevents you from being able to see clearly. As soon as I got to my rehearsal and started singing, my headache went away! I realized I had found my cure! And now anytime migraines come-which are far less frequent these days, I simply sing and they disappear. I started taking singing and songwriting seriously from then on. Graduated but vowed to pursue music full time straight after school.
My greatest motivator is God who has placed individuals in my path to give me just the right motivation to get to each new stage. My first music teacher, Mr. Art Coleman; my first music producer Collins Peters; and my current manager Carl Fred Martin have been among these great motivators.
I’d have to say that I’ve been through tough things that most artist go through— sexual harassment, shady people and situations, pay to play games, and what I’ve felt was race/age/religious discrimination. But the greatest hurdle by far has been getting out of my own way. I’d tell any new artist to focus on developing their craft constantly and always asking themselves how they are growing and where they want to grow. This will naturally increase their self confidence and keep them from self-sabotage, and fear of failure/success.  Stay in action to stay out of your own way.”
GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad Los Angeles

GDTV Guangdong News Radio and TV Delegation Visit

WCETV is a television broadcasting station with station located in Los Angeles and Houston. WCETV serves the Chinese community by broadcasting GDTV’s programs here in the United States as a way of bridging the Chinese culture and American culture – giving an opportunity for American citizens to see a glimpse into what China had been and how it effects who they are now. GDTV members traveled to the United States to have a news, radio, and TV delegation visit to our headquarters in Los Angeles.

Guangdong Television has programs that has the most updated news on what is happening in China and around the world, art performances and competitions that focuses on Chinese pop culture, period dramas, and more.

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit

WCETV’s headquarters located in the heart of City of Industry in the Los Angeles county is only piece to this running machine to make these dreams into a reality. Our CEO, Billy Chung, takes the GDTV team in the United States around the building.

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media

WCETV CEO, Billy Chung, gives a presentation on the Chromecast system on Android and Chromecast on , allowing programs to be streamed on the phone and projected onto any screen. Easy access to all the programs at

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad Los Angeles

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad Los Angeles Media Group R&C Studios

We are excited to see where WCETV and GDTV continue to grow. With added media under the R&C Media Group, Inc. branch, we see added print and digital media. The horizons are endless and R&C Media Group, Inc. does not stop at the traditional branches of media.

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad Los Angeles Media Group R&C Studios WCETV

In addition to endless programs provided by GDTV, R&C Media Group, Inc. brings on Women of China Magazine. The magazine educates people around the world what the women in China endure, what the struggles and movements are within the country. Take a leap and jump into this beautifully made magazine to how the fight for women is changing in China.

GDTV News Radio & TV Delegation Visit Chinese Media R&C Media Group Inc. Chinese Ad Los Angeles Media Group R&C Studios WCETV Cantonese 1

Mid-Autumn Festival Photo Exhibition

Mid-Autumn Festival Photo Exhibition in Guangdong



On October 4th, R&C Media Group, Inc. joined the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. Performance artists from backgrounds in China, South Korea, and Vietnam put together the ultimate multicultural celebration in conjunction with the “Beautiful Guangdong” photo exhibition.


Mid-Autumn Fesitval - South Coast Plaza / R&C Media Group, Inc.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival based on the worship of Mountain Gods during the Shang Dynasty. Over the years, the festival became centered around family reunions and time to give thanks for a full year of harvesting. It is currently celebrated with moon cakes, which is a lotus paste filled with red bean and sometimes salted duck egg yolks.


Mid-Autumn Fesitval - South Coast Plaza / R&C Media Group, Inc.

The photo exhibition was filled with gorgeous images of Guangdong, capturing the charming atmosphere of the bustling city. The images had a perfect flow of contrast between Guangdong’s lively, natural scenery and the cold, industrial buildings.


Mid-Autumn Fesitval - South Coast Plaza / R&C Media Group, Inc.

The event made for a beautiful appreciation over Chinese culture.


Being a company with roots from all over Asia, our love for the Chinese culture is strong and doesn’t stop in our homes. R&C Media Group, Inc. takes on our traditions and Chinese mannerisms into our work. But being in an age that doesn’t stop for anyone, we are constantly looking for modern ways to move forward in our business moves. Investing in ideas that will change the media world, creating simply beautiful designs, and networking across different platforms. The Mid-Autumn Festival reminded us of how important it is to bridge cultures, look to our roots, and take it with us in our next chapter. While our heritage continues to stay the same, our work does not.

So, where will we take you next?

Fujian Radio and Television Group

Fujian Media Group Welcomes Billy Chung

R&C Media Group, Inc. President Billy Chung meets with Fujian Radio and Television Group on July 5th, 2017. A segment from Fujian Radio and Television. View the original source by clicking here. Originally posted on July 6th, 2017.

美國朗思傳媒集團總裁Billy Chung訪問福建省廣播影視集團



R&C Media Group Inc. and Fujian Media Group

Billy Chung, President of R&C Media Group, Inc., and Fujian Media Group Chairman Board

On July 5th, Chairman Xianghui Zeng made arrangements for President of R&C Media Group, Inc. to visit the Fujian Radio and Television Media Group.

7月5日,美國朗思傳媒集團總裁Billy Chung前來福建考察、訪問。集團黨組書記、董事長曾祥輝專程到Billy下榻的酒店看望。

Cultural Exchange In Action

Chairman of Fujian Media Group, Xianghui Zeng, welcomed Billy Chung’s visit. He thanked Billy for his support for the partnership with Strait TV. Chairman of the board called R&C Media Group, Inc. one of the largest and most influential groups in the United States catering to the Chinese population. With this amazing opportunity to cooperate with this audience will continue to promote cultural exchanges.

曾祥輝董事長歡迎Billy Chung來訪,感謝其對旅遊頻道、海峽衛視在銀視網順利測試播出所給予的支持。曾祥輝董事長表示,美國朗思傳媒集團是美國最具規模及影響力的媒體集團之一,特別是華人受眾集中,希望雙方加強交流合作,共同推動福建電視節目“走出去”、實現國際傳播。會談中,Billy Chung表示,願進一步加強並持續推動雙方合作、密切文化交流。

At Headquarters

Billy Chung visited the headquarters of Fujian Radio and Television Media Group to meet with the leaders and introduce himself to the various departments.

7月6日下午,Billy Chung訪問集團本部,與集團領導和相關部門負責人進行了友好交流座談。

Fujian Media Group and President Billy Chung

Fujian Media Group and President Billy Chung

Meeting with Fujian Board

Mr. Zhan Wang, member and Vice Chairman of the Fujian Media Group, briefed Billy Chung on the organization structure, history, and development. Participants exchanged views on local media status, ratings, programming, new media technology, and content operations.

集團黨組成員、副董事長王展向Billy Chung介紹了集團的組織架構、各頻率頻道和福建網絡廣播電視台的發展情況。與會人員就地方媒體現狀、收視率,集團節目製作情況、新媒體技術水平和內容運營現狀等方面進行了交流。


WCETV is a collection of digital TV channels, Internet TV, IP TV, mobile television, and is a 24 hour 7 days a week option to view the programs around the world. At present, the company has become the new broadcast platform to reach Strait TV programs. The group’s new media center has successfully managed program signal transmission with little to no technical issues with ratings through the roof.


Continued Success

This visit between R&C Media Group, Inc. President, Billy Chung, and Fujian Television Media Group worked together to build the IP TV integrated broadcast control platform that would build the partnership to utmost success.

座談會後,Billy Chung參觀了旅遊頻道、集團IPTV集成播控平台和福建網絡廣播電視台(海博TV)內容編輯機房。

See our last update, GDTV’s 5th anniversary broadcasted in the United States by R&C Media Group, Inc. and WCETV.