CNR Host Competition Press Release


The “Global Chinese Network Host Contest” has been held in China for 2013 and 2014. This year, the U.S. region of “Global Chinese Network Host Contest” is jointly organized by China National Radio and WCETV. South Coast Plaza is our title sponsor. Harvard Card Systems, Diamond Honda, Linda vision and Pacific Palms Resort are also our event sponsors.

2015年12月8日,《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區新聞發佈會于南海岸購物廣場(South Coast Plaza)貴賓會議廳舉行。《全球華語網絡主播大賽》已經連續在中國舉辦兩屆,今年第三屆特設美國賽區,由中國中央人民廣播電台和WCETV美國銀視網聯合主辦。南海岸購物廣場行政總監Werner Escher,銀視網總裁Billy Chung等出席大賽新聞發佈會,鼓勵華語聲音達人參加比賽。

The contest will be structured in a talk show style format in Mandarin Chinese. Talent will not be limited to those from traditional talk host backgrounds. We are looking for strong speaking and presentation skills, creativity, and a great attitude!

本次大賽是一場面向全球華語圈的全民聲音秀。 不局限於傳統主播人才的參與參加,更注重發現和挖掘有態度、有創意、有特點、有關注的聲音,為其搭建展示聲音才華的平臺,助其實現聲音夢想,讓每一位“華語聲音達人”都有展現自己才華的機會,創造個人自身新價值。

There is no age, gender, nationality, region, or ethnicity restrictions to participate in this contest, as long as you have good Chinese voice. Entries should talk in Mandarin and clips should be in the following formats: talk shows, Pinyin imitation, writings and/or other works. Participants are required to provide a clear picture and sound quality, no less than 60 seconds and no more than five minutes of audio and video works can enroll in the competition. In addition to big prizes, the winners will also get a contract with China National Radio and became a host in its programs.


The “Global Chinese Network Host Contest” U.S. Regional Final is scheduled on January 9, 2016 at South Coast Plaza in Orange County. South Coast Plaza is not only a noble brand of shopping mall, but is also a famous performing arts plaza. In addition to attracting millions of visitors, they hold an annual model contest, fashion show, a variety of art and photography exhibitions and other cultural activities. South Coast Plaza will be the U.S. Regional stage for “Global Chinese network anchor contest”.

《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區決賽定於2016年1月9日在南海岸購物廣場舉辦。南海岸廣場(South Coast Plaza)位於橙縣,它不僅是一個高尚品牌的購物中心,還是著名的表演藝術廣場,每年除了吸引著數以千萬的遊客,還同時舉辦如模特大賽,高級服裝展示,攝影展覽等多種文藝,文化交流活動。今年南海岸購物廣場將為《全球華語網絡主播大賽》美國賽區搭建一個讓聲音達人展示自我的舞臺。

For registration details and registration form, please browse: to download, or call 626-912-3388 for more in details.

報名詳情及報名表格請至 下載,或致電626-912-3388索取。

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