CCTV-News Houston Ch. 55.2 6th Anniversary


WCETV held a “CCTV-News Viewer Feedback Meeting” in Houston, Texas on May 21, 2016 celebrating CCTV-News broadcasting on its sixth anniversary.

WCETV has been commissioned by CCTV to air CCTV-News on KTBU Ch.55.2 (formerly Ch.55.6) to broadcast 24 hours a day as a free air digital terrestrial TV channel. For six years, CCTV-News has been providing the latest information in China and world news to the local audiences in Houston. Signal covers the Greater Houston Area with 6,435,268 viewers. Viewers simply need to install a digital antenna into their television set to watch the KTBU Ch.55.2 CCTV-News program. The CCTV-News program will also provide access to and WCETV Chromecast internet broadcasting platforms simultaneously. On-demand and live contents are available in the Houston area and around the world.

WCETV extends a big thank you to the China Consulate General office and the audience’s support for the past 6 years. And will be listening to feedback from the local viewers at the meeting, discussing with local viewers how the program has aired, sharing the connotation of Chinese culture and traditional arts.

WCETV will continue its efforts to bring more CCTV programs to serve the viewers in the Greater Houston area. We will be providing viewers with the heritage of the Chinese civilization and allow Americans to understand the Chinese culture, economy, tourism and arts, and thereby allow China to communicate with the world.

WCETV has a total of 15 free to air digital terrestrial channels around the U.S. including: Houston KTBU Ch55.2; Los Angeles KVMD Ch31.4, Ch31.8 and Ch31.9; San Francisco KICU Ch36.3; Santa Barbara KSBT Ch32.1 , Ch32.2, Ch32.3, Ch32.4, Ch32.5, Ch32.6, Ch32.7, Ch32.8; Chicago WCHU Ch61.2, and Ch61.3; for the latest news program and popular entertainment shows.

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