CCTV-4 Overseas Loyal Audience Poll 2013

R&C Media Group, Inc. as the cooperation partner of CCTV, assisted to host the 2013 China Central Television Chinese International Channel (CCTV-4) Overseas loyal audience poll. Activities are divided into two parts: audience survey and “I and CCTV-4’s story” Essay competition. As the exclusive partner of this audience event in North America, R & C provideed quick and easy activity participation conditions for the loyal viewers in North America.

There were more than 500 lucky winners, many of which won multiple small prizes from CCTV-4 itself. The winners of the “I and CCTV-4’s Story” Essay competition received a free ticket to Beijing to visit China, and meet their favourite host and hostess from CCTV 4.

美國朗思傳媒集團(R & C Media Group, Inc.)協辦2013年中國中央電視臺中文國際頻道 (CCTV-4) 海外忠實觀眾評選活動。活動分為問卷填寫以及“我與CCTV-4的故事”兩大板塊。作為本次活動北美地區唯一媒體合作夥伴,集團為北美地區的忠實觀眾提供快捷簡單的活動參與條件。