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R & C Media Group, Inc. was founded in 1990 and incorporated in 1994. It is a multi-media, broadcast platform provider, video production and advertising service corporation. It is headquartered in City of Industry, California of U.S.A. Over the last 3 decades, R & C Media Group, Inc. has satisfied the wide range of needs of its clients from local community and around the world. Our professional staffs accumulated rich experience in every medium, whether digital terrestrial television, radio or the cable and Internet broadcast as well as satellite transmission. Our dedication, creativity, and attention to detail have earned a reputation as the premiere media company in the Asian American media broadcast industry.

美國朗思傳媒集團(R&C Media Group, Inc.)創立於1990年,30多年来,集团积累了丰富的多媒體传播和製作經驗,集广播影视與廣告製作為一體。從策劃到創作,從製作到播出,为客户提供全面的專業化傳媒服務。凭着熱忱,進取和踏實的服務精神,美國朗思傳媒集團(R&C Media Group, Inc.)获得了國內外合作伙伴的高度信任及支持,与国内外多家著名的传媒机构和公司有着非常良好的合作关系。

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R&C Media Group, Inc. was founded in 1990. For more than 30 years, the group has accumulated rich experience in multimedia communication and production, integrating radio, film, television and advertising production. From planning to creation, from production to broadcasting, we provide customers with comprehensive professional media services. With enthusiasm, enterprising and practical service spirit, R&C Media Group, Inc. has won the high trust and support of domestic and foreign business partners, and has a very good relationship with many well-known media organizations and companies at home and abroad.

R & C Productions is a comprehensive film and television advertising overall planning and design company, providing market research, public relations consulting, event planning and execution, strategic planning, advertising creativity, design, film and television production, large-scale stage program production, radio and television program production, Recording engineering production, international web design, stage setting design and satellite broadcasting and television transmission services.

The R&C studios located in Los Angeles is currently the largest high-tech media television and film productions and shooting venues in the Eastern District of Los Angeles. It was completed in 2002 and covers an area of ​​13,500 square feet. The shooting scene of the R & C Studios is comparable to Hollywood standards. In addition to the A-grade sound absorption standards, it also introduces professional interactive photography control system equipment, professional lighting equipment, and experienced on satellite and cable TV networks as well as uplink/downlink and program transmission services.

美國朗思傳媒集團(R&C Media Group, Inc.)創立於1990年,30多年来,集团积累了丰富的多媒體传播和製作經驗,集广播影视與廣告製作為一體。從策劃到創作,從製作到播出,为客户提供全面的專業化傳媒服務。凭着熱忱,進取和踏實的服務精神,美國朗思傳媒集團(R&C Media Group, Inc.)获得了國內外合作伙伴的高度信任及支持,与国内外多家著名的传媒机构和公司有着非常良好的商业業合作关系。


座落於洛杉磯的R&C演播厅,是洛杉矶東區目前最大的高科技媒體電視及影片製作拍攝場地。于2002年建成使用,面積13, 500平方尺。朗思演播廳的拍摄现场堪比好萊塢水準,除了具有A級吸音的標準外,更引進專業的互動式攝影控制系統設備,專業的燈光設備,还有富有經驗的創意企劃以及衛星,有綫電視網,寬頻網傳輸等服務。